Undergrad Bulletin – Apr. 6

April 6, 2015

Happy last day of classes! I hope all of you have had a great term and enjoyed these bulletins. This is the last one for the term – so check out all the end of term events, and last minute summer opportunities if you’re still looking! Please fill out a quick end of term survey about the PACS communications this year – this is your chance to tell us what you liked and didn’t like, so we can make things even better for you next year! The survey can be found here!

Job Postings

  • PACS Student Communications Assistant
  • PACS Living – Learning Peer Leader


  • “Global, Colonial, and Transnational Paths: Thinking through Francophone Spaces in World War II and Beyond” – Apr. 7
  • “Dis-locations: Understanding Public Space from Cape Town” – Apr. 8
  • ACCKWA “Taste for Life” Fundraising Event – Apr. 22
  • Youth and Militarism Conference – Apr. 24 – 26


  • WSFPC Peace Essay Contest
  • “Cities of Tomorrow” Competition
  • Bridge Education Abroad Institute Summer Programs in South Africa
  • Spring and Fall Courses at Goshen College
  • Satyagraha Summer Institute
  • Master of Arts in International Relations Online

Job Postings

PACS Student Communications Assistant
Deadline to apply: April 7, 2015 (TOMORROW)
There is only one day left to apply for the PACS Student Communications Assistant (that’s me right now!). It’s a part-time position for Fall 2015 and Winter 2016. The position is responsible for student communications, such as maintaining the Facebook pages, assisting with events, sending out this bi-weekly bulletin, updating the website, and other special projects. See the complete job description here (PDF). To apply, send a cover letter and resume, with three references to Rachel Reist at rreist@uwaterloo.ca by Tuesday April 7, 2015.

PACS Living-Learning Peer Leader
Deadline to apply: April 7, 2015. (TOMORROW)
The PACS Department is looking for a PACS Living Learning Community Peer Leader , responsible for mentoring a cluster of 10-15 students enrolled in the PACS Living Learning Community in Grebel Residence. The position runs from September to April and requires non-traditional hours. Responsibilities include connecting regularly with your students through one-on-one meetings and group activities, planning programs to build a sense of community within PACS in general, as well as other projects. To apply, send a cover letter and resume, with three references to Rachel Reist at rreist@uwaterloo.ca by Tuesday April 7, 2015.


“Global, Colonial, and Transnational Paths: Thinking through Francophone Spaces in World War II and Beyond” 
jenningsportrait-131x126@ 10:30 AM to 12 PM, Apr 7 in EV3 4408

The first part of the talk is located at the intersection of the histories of Africa, Europe and World War II: it focuses on an imperial schism that tore French colonies apart during the Second World War and led Central Africa to serve as the foundation for General de Gaulle’s Free French Movement. The presentation recovers multiple indigenous voices while also engaging with visual culture, the question of decolonization, and the extraction of resources.  The talk then provides a glimpse of some of Professor Jennings’s future transnational research, focusing on intellectual synergies between Surrealism and Negritude, most notably.

“Dis-locations: Understanding Public Space from Cape Town” 
12:30 PM to 2:30 PM, Apr. 8 at the Balsillie School of International Affairs Rm 1-42. 
The Balsillie School’s Migration, Mobilities and Social Politics is hosting a talk featuring Professor Myriam Houssay-Holzschuch who will explore how the notion of public space is dislocated and reconfigured when re-territorialized in Cape Town. Lunch will be served between 12:30 and 1 PM, and the talk will follow. This is a free event but registration is required.

ACCKWA “A Taste for Life” Fundraiser
A Taste For Life Email Blast-1@ Apr. 22 at various locations.
The AIDS Committee of Cambridge, Kitchener and Waterloo Area would like to invite you to support a delicious fundraiser called “A Taste for Life”. On the evening of Apr. 22, dine at one of the participating restaurants and 25% of your dinner bill will be donated to ACCKWA’s Food Program for those living with HIV in the Waterloo Region.

Youth and Militarism Conference 
antimilitarism conference poster updated@ April 24 – 26, Peterborough, ON

The Canadian Quakers are hosting a Youth and Militarism Conference to discuss the presence of militarism in our lives and envision a future where war is no longer an answer. There will be workshops covering a variety of topics, from peacebuilding skills, to the militarization of police, to food as a form of resistance, and more. There is a $65 conference fee which covers food and housing for the weekend. For more information, visit the facebook page and register here. PeaceQuest is also offering a travel bursary for non-Quaker youth; details can be found here.


WSFPC Peace Essay Contest 
Deadline to submit: April 15, 2015
WSFPC peace essay winnersThe WSFPC is seeking submissions for their annual peace essay contest. Applicants must write an essay in 800 words or less, answering the question: “How Can We Obey the Law Against War?” Essays are to be directed to a person who can help promote knowledge of the Kellogg-Briand Pact (KBP) and, from whom a response is expected. Essays are judged on quality as well as on the impact of the response. For complete submission details, visit their website.

“Cities of Tomorrow” Competition 
Registration deadline: June 1, 2015
Ontario’s large urban centres face complex challenges as they continue to grow. This competition is open to all students (grad and undergrad) who are currently enrolled in an Ontario post-secondary institution or were attending one during the 2014-2015 school year. Participants will form teams to provide proposals for policy changes to address the problems facing Ontario’s urban centres. For more information on how to participate, visit their website.

Bridge Education Abroad Institute Summer Programs in South Africa
BEA2-300x135The BEAI plans short programs to provide students the opportunity to experience different political cultures and strengthen their leadership and diplomacy skills. This summer, they have a program in Cape Town and Johannesburg for the months of June, July, and August, featuring lectures from professors and guest speakers from all over the world. Students will enrich their knowledge of South Africa, as well as take part in social events to get to know each other and share their cultural values. To find out more, visit their website.

Spring and Fall Courses at Goshen College
Andree Krystal and LillieThis summer, Goshen college is offering an Agroecology Summer Intensive at Merry Lea Environmental Learning Center. This is an opportunity to study the principles of agroecology, grow your own food and experience sustainable living at Rieth Village, interact with agroecology professionals and practitioners, and earn academic credits in 9 weeks. For more information, visit their website.

In addition, the college is offering a Sustainability Leadership Semester in the fall, which includes a week-long canoe trip to Lake Michigan, networking with sustainability professionals, practising hands-on sustainable living skills, field-based exploration and research with complex issues in the watershed, and more. For more information, visit goshen.edu/sls.

Satyagraha Summer Institute 
@ Aug. 2 – 22, 2015. Black Hills of South Dakota

This summer program is designed to provide leaders interested in nonviolent social change an opportunity to deepen their understanding, skills, commitment, and community. Training on nonviolence, indigenous spirituality and traditions, as well as conflict prevention and resolution will be provided. The application deadline is May 31, 2015.  For more information view the  flyer (PDF).

Master of Arts in International Relations Online
Application deadline: Jun. 8, 2015.
The School of International Service (SIS) in Washington, D.C., is offering a Master of Arts in International Relations through their unique online format. The online program allows students to earn a degree from one of the top schools of international relations, select a concentration of study specific to their chosen field, and collaborate with faculty and peers from around the world. The application deadline is June 8, 2015. For more information, visit their website.

Disclaimer: Events and opportunities above are not all endorsed by the PACS department; this bulletin includes opportunities that we think PACS students may be interested in but are not sponsored by PACS. Please use your own discretion to determine if an opportunity is right for you.


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