Grad Bulletin March 10


  • Islamophobia: What is in a name? Analysis of US Press Coverage of the Term after 9/11- March 14
  • From Solitary to Solidarity: Unraveling the Ligatures of Ashley Smith- March 18
  • World Water Day- March 21
  • The History and Politics of Indigenous Heritage Sites in Canada- March 25


  • Participate in a Criminology Research Study
  • Engaging Conflict Summer School July 7-18
  • International Summer Academy on Peacebuilding and Intercultural Diaolgue- Aug 17-27


  • 2014 Notre Dame Student Peace Conference March 28-29
  • Water Initiative for the Future (WatIF) Grad Student Conference- May 4-6
  • Nonviolence: A Weapon of the Strong (Mahatma Gandhi)- May 8-11
  • Uniting for Peace: Building Sustainable Peace Through Universal Values- Aug 10-14

Job Posting:

  • Program Coordinator of Asia-Pacific Security Program for Center for a New American Security

Islamophobia: What is in a name? Analysis of US Press Coverage of the Term after 9/11

eid (1)@ March 14 @ 6:30-8pm @ Dunker Family Lounge, Renison. Using the press coverage in the US newspapers post September 11, 2001, this talk will uncover the multifaceted use of the term “Islamophobia.” Even though the term Islamophobia was used commonly in the US press after 9/11, Dr. Mohamed argues that, owing to its multiple definitions, Islamophobia became an ambiguous term.

The speaker, Dr. Eid Mohamed, received his doctorate in American Studies from George Washington University, where he specialized in Middle Eastern Studies, modern Arab history and culture, and US-Middle East encounter. He has taught both in the US and the middle East. His research interests are centred on the significant interplay of religion, pop culture, and politics and the role they play in shaping the complex relation between American and the nations and peoples of the Middle East. His forthcoming book is entitled: Arab Occidentalism: Images of America in the Middle East. The lecture is free and there is free parking at Renison.

Registration is required- register by emailing The event webpage can be found here.

From Solitary to Solidarity: Unraveling the Ligatures of Ashley Smith

ashley smith@ March 18 @ 7 pm @ Theatre of Arts, Modern Languages Building. This new play explores the issue of mental health in the context of the troubling and emerging story of Ashley Smith. Written by Waterloo alumnus Melanie Bennett (BA ’06) and directed by Dr. Andy Houston, this autho-ethnographic performance invites audience members to explore ideas far beyond a traditional theatre experience.

The event cost is $5 and it is requested that you register online in advance. More information on the event webpage.

World Water Day

world water day@ March 21 @ 11am- 7pm @ EIT Foyer. Join for a day long celebration of World Water Day, highlighting university water research and raising awareness of local and global water issues. The event will highlight the breadth and depth of water research here in Waterloo, and act as a meeting place for water researchers, practitioners, and stakeholders.

The day includes an afternoon of poster presentations, talks on water science, technology, and policy, key presentations from respected water researchers, booths from local community, government, and business, water sector networking and job opportunities, and a buffet lunch. Keynote Speakers include Cecelia Brooks, Research Director and Indigenous Knowledge Specialist for the Assembly of First Nations Chiefs in New Brunswick, and Dr. Monique Dube, Project Coordinator in Environmental Performance Improvement at Shell Heavy Oil in Calgary, AB.

More information can be found on the event website.

The History and Politics of Indigenous Heritage Sites in Canada

roy@ March 25 @ 12:30-1:30pm @ HH 117. Dr. Roy will discuss moments in Canadian History when Indigenous “heritage” has come into conflict with resource/urban development. She will focus on an ancient burial site of the Musqueam First Nation located in what is now Vancouver.

Since the late 1800s, ancestors and cultural objects, or “belongings” from this place have been dispersed throughout museum and private collections across the globe. Dr. Roy’s talk will examine what it means to work collaboratively with the First Nations community to interpret material culture and the history of place for a series of museum exhibits.

Free snacks will be provided! Event website.


Participate in a Criminology Research Study

Dr. Owen Gallupe, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology and Legal Studies at uWaterloo,  is studying the effect of sight of rewards on task performance and is looking for undergraduate students to participate in a one time, 30 minute experiment. This study has implications for incentive programs to promote good behaviour in prison settings.

All participants will be provided with a $15 gift card to local businesses for their participation in this research. You must be at least 18 years old to participate, and the experiment will be conducted in the Psychology, Anthropology, and Sociology (PAS) building.

If you would like to participate, want additional information, or have questions, email Katie Cook at You can also contact Dr Gallupe at or 519-888-4567 ext. 33361.

Engaging Conflict Summer School

engaging conflict summer school@July 7-18 @ Torino, Italy. The engaging conflict Summer School is designed to equip committed students, early-career researchers and professionals with advanced tools to critically understand conflict and tackle it as a dynamic reality. Engaging Conflict`s faculty draws from a unique spectrum of expertise to train a select group of participants in assessing the complexity of conflict and post-conflict scenarios, and evaluating the relevance and impact of different policy choices or normative standings, from non-intervention to conflict prevention.

Deadline to apply is May 23rd. To apply, you need a Bachelor honours Degree or undergrad students who are enrolled in a university program with a strong international relations or security studies focus. and a good command of English. To apply, students must send their updated CV to the Engaging Conflict office ( and complete the online application form. Tuition is 400€ and there are scholarships available. More information online on the Engaging Conflict Webpage.

International Summer Academy on Peacebuilding and Intercultural Diaolgue

switzerland@ Aug 17-27 @ Baar, Switzerland. If you wish to get more academic knowledge by experienced experts and spend fruitful summer time in Switzerland, then think about attending this International Summer Academy, hosted by the Institute for Peace and Dialogue. Participants from the State Organs, INGOs, IOs, Companies, Universities, and Individual Researchers who are interested in peacebuilding, conflict transformation, intercultural faith dialogue, mediation, negotiation, inner peace, and related topics are welcome to join.

Deadline to apply is June 30th.  To register, send your filled application form, CV, and Passport Photo Page to Participation fee is 1,600 Euros. Visit the International Summer Academy Webpage for the application form and more information.


2014 Notre Dame Student Peace Conference

notre dame conference logo@ March 28-29 @ Notre Dame University, Indiana. This year`s conference is on the theme “Building Peace: Integrating Two Decades of Progress.” The keynote speaker, Prof Andrew Mack, Director of the Human Security Report Project, will speak early Saturday afternoon. More information about the schedule, speakers, and theme can be found on the conference website.

The deadline to register is Wed, March 19th. Interested students can register on our website or  the registration form. Registration is FREE!

Water Initiative for the Future (WatIF) Grad Student Conference

WatIF@May 4-6 @ Queen’s University, Kingston. This national, multidisciplinary graduate student water conference welcomes Masters and PhD students from engineering, sciences, social sciences, law, business, health, policy, and leading experts in water history to empower the leaders of tomorrow for the future of Canada’s water.

Abstract deadline is March 15. Deadline to register is March 20th. Check out the WatIF website for more information.

Nonviolence: A Weapon of the Strong (Mahatma Gandhi)

nonviolence conference@ May 8-11 @ Saint Paul University, Ottawa. This conference is being held on the theme of Nonviolence: A Weapon of the Strong (Mahatma Gandhi): Advancing Nonviolence, Spirituality and Social Transformation.

Keynotes are activists and academics from seven countries with expertise in nonviolence and its rising importance in the world today. Rajagopal P.V., a global leader in nonviolence from Ekta Parishad, India; Dr. Alain Tsuchdin, (University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa); and Heather Milton Lightening of Idle No More, Canada, are just 3 of the 8 keynote speakers. Panelists will discuss nonviolence as related to gender, ecology, religion, Indigenous Leadership, music, and more.

For more information visit the conference webpage. Reduced cost is available if you register by March 31st.

Uniting for Peace: Building Sustainable Peace Through Universal Values

@Aug 10-14 @ Istanbul, Turkey. You are invited to participate int he 25th IPRA General Conference in Turkey. Paper, poster, and panel proposals from all peace research related to the following IPRA Commissions will be accepted: Art and Peace, Conflict Resolution and Peace Building, Development and Peace, Eastern Europe, Ecology and Peace, Forced Migration, Gender and Peace, Global Political Economy, Indigenous Peoples’ Rights, Internal Conflicts, International Human Rights, nonviolence, Peace Culture and Communications, Peace Education, Peace History, Peace Journalism< Peace Movements, Peace Negotiations and Mediation, Peace Theories, Reconciliation and Transitional Justice, Religion and Peace, Security and Disarmament, Sport and Peace, Youth and Peace, and Peace Tourism.

The submission deadline is March 15th. More information on the IPRA website.

Job Posting

Program Coordinator of Asia-Pacific Security Program for Center for a New American Security

The Center for a New American Security (CNAS) seeks to hire a Program Coordinator to support the Center’s Asia-Pacific Security Program to manage numerous programmatic, administrative and logistical responsibilities.

Candidates with an undergraduate degree are encouraged to apply. This entry-level position is administrative in nature but presents an opportunity to work with a dynamic research team in an energetic and collaborative environment. Note that the position will begin as a three-month contract with possibility for extension or transition to a permanent position.

More information on the online job posting.

Disclaimer: Events and opportunities above are not all endorsed by the PACS department; this bulletin includes opportunities that we think PACS students may be interested in but are not sponsored by PACS. Please use your own discretion to determine if an opportunity is right for you.


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