Grad Bulletin Feb 10th


  • Islamophobia, Justice, and Pluralism- Feb 10th
  • Revolutionizing Global Health with Cola- Feb 11th
  • Knowing (In)Security and the Amplification of Technology- Feb 13th
  • Look Behind You! With Steafan Hanvey- Feb 27th
  • “Worrier Nation”: Quebec’s Value Codes for Immigrants


  • Young Adult Food Study Tour 2014- Nicaragua- May 5th-22nd
  • Researcher Opportunity- Deadline Feb 14th
  • Nuclear Nonproliferation, Safeguards and Security in the 21st Century Summer Course- June 9-27th, Deadline March 15th
  • Internship with Institute of Contemporary Asian Studies

Call for papers:

  • Workshop for Women in International Security- May 29-31, deadline March 3


Islamophobia, Justice, and Pluralism

islamophobia@ Feb 10th @ 7-9:30 pm @ Maureen Forrester Hall, Laurier. Come hear Dr. Omid Safi, professor of Islamic Studies at the University of North Carolina discuss these issues.

This talk is presented by the Ismaili Council for Ontario & The Muslim Studies Option at Wilfrid Laurier & The Faculty of Arts at Wilfrid Laurier University. All are welcome and admission is free! For more information email Dr. Ali Zaidi at

Revolutionizing Global Health with  Cola

colaroad@ Feb 11th @ 5:30-7:00 pm @ St. Paul’s room 105. Join us for a talk and exclusive screening filmmaker Claire War’s new documentary The Cola Road, featuring the work of University of Waterloo Applied Health Studies alumnus Rohit Ramchandani (Bsc ’04).

The film is about how Zambia has become the first African country to embrace ColaLife, an innovative team of social entrepreneurs that aims to use the Cola Supply chain to deliver life-saving medicines to far-flung, rural communities. Rohit, founder and principle at Antara Global Health Advisors, will speak about his role in the project that inspired the film.

This event is free and includes pizza. Claim a ticket on eventbrite.

Knowing (In)Security and the Amplification of Technology: Ferocious Architecture in the Borderworld

benjamin muller@ Feb 13th @ 4:30 pm @ Balsillie School, 67 Erb St West. The amplification of identification and surveillance technologies by predominantly industrialized states over the past decade is staggering. Particularly in what seems to be the expanding area of border or “Homeland” security, there is a global reconfiguration of sovereign power and the neoliberal market constituted by an emphasis on borders, borderlands, and technological (re)articulations of these spaces and bodies that traverse them, which I refer to as “Borderworld.”

All are welcome. In this brief talk, Dr. Muller will begin to unpack the complex web of ‘new’ security imperatives, the intensification of security, surveillance and identification technologies, and the interrelated architecture and design of contemporary borders and borderlands, through the lens of forthcoming research on “ferocious architecture”

Look Behind You! With Steafan Hanvey.


@ Feb 27th @ 7 pm @ Conrad Grebel Chapel. Steafan Hanvey presents Look Behind You! A Father and Son’s impressions of “The Troubles” in Northern Ireland through photograph and song. In this multi-media presentation, Steafan Hanvey presents complex issues in an engaging manner through song, story, and the prize-winning photojournalism of his father, Bobbie Hanvey.

This event is free to all and hosted by the PACS department. Come learn about the conflict in Northern Ireland through this engaging and thought provoking presentation. More information on the event webpage.

“Worrier Nation”: Quebec’s Value Codes for Immigrants

flag_quebec@ Feb 27th @ 4:30 PM @ Tatham Centre, rm 2218A/B. This lecture explores the political and policy discourses of Quebec’s integration toolkit for immigrants. Focusing on value codes for immigrants in one of Quebec’s largest cities (Gatineau), Professor Stasiulis argues that recent debates on accommodation of immigrants and religious minorities resuscitate the dominant historical narrative of Quebec’s fragility as a conquered settler colonial nation. In this case, however, the threat is defined as the “cultural otherness” of racialized immigrants and religious minorities.

This lecture is presented by the Department of Sociology and Legal Studies. More information on their event poster.


Young Adult Food Study Tour 2014- Nicaragua

yafst@ May 5-22 @ Nicaragua. Canadians age 18-30 are invited to travel with Canadian Foodgrains Bank to Nicaragua to learn about food security. Ideal participants are interested in learning about global hunger and food justice issues, and have a willingness and ability to live and learn in a rustic environment.

The purpose of this tour is to education young Canadians about international food security, strengthen solidarity between young Canadians and people who experience hunger in the developing world, and to introduce young Canadians to the work of the Canadian Foodgrains Bank. This is a Christian organization, and during the tour there will also be the opportunity to explore how Christian faith calls you to respond to hunger and poverty.

Application deadline is Feb 15th. Cost is $2,500 per person, with financial assistance available. More information can be found online on the Foodgrains Bank webpage.

Researcher Opportunity

apecAsia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) is the international forum for facilitating economic growth, cooperation, trade, and investment in the Asia-Pacific region. The Policy Support Unit (PSU) improves the quality of APEC’s 21 member economies’ deliberations and decisions by providing professional and tailor-made research, analysis, and evidence-based policy suggestions. An opportunity now exists for a highly meticulous, motivated, and analytical Researcher with superior quantitative skills to contribute to the APEC policy process.

Deadline is Feb 14th. Applicants must be a citizen of one of the 21 APEC economies (Canada is included). For more information visit the APEC website.

Nuclear Non-proliferation, Safeguards and Security in the 21st century


@ June 9-27 @ Brookhaven National Laboratory. This summer course is designed to give students a sound understanding of the framework created by the international community to address the threats of nuclear proliferation and nuclear terrorism.  The focus is on the central element of this regime, the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and its verification mechanism, the IAEA safeguards system. Above all, the course aims to give participants the knowledge, analytic tools, and the motivation to contribute to the improvement of the nonproliferation regime.

Applications are due March 15th. For more information visit

Internship with the Institute of Contemporary Asian Studies

internship1@May 26 to July 25th @ Temple University, Tokyo. Interns will assist faculty supervisors and conduct academic research commensurate with faculty member’s research projects (where possible, interns will be paired with faculty whose research interests they share, and which is consistent with the focus of their academic studies). With faculty approval, interns may also conduct their own research, provided it is consistent with the general theme and focus of the faculty sponsor.

Applications due March 15th. For more information about the internship, visit This internship is unpaid.

Calls for Papers

Workshop for Women in International Security

@ May 29-31 @ Carleton University. Carleton University is hosting the 7th Annual Workshop for Women in International Security. Graduate students are encouraged to submit a 250-word or less proposal and CV to by March 3rd.

Disclaimer: Events and opportunities above are not all endorsed by the PACS department; this bulletin includes opportunities that we think PACS students may be interested in but are not sponsored by PACS. Please use your own discretion to determine if an opportunity is right for you.


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