Welcome back- Winter 2014

Hello all! I hope that everyone had a great break and is ready to dive back into classes!

This term we’re going to try something different- we’re going to have separate bulletins for MPACS and undergrad students with content relevant to the two groups. They will both be hosted on this blog with the titles “MPACS Bulletin” or “Undergrad Bulletin,” but I will only send out the undergrad bulletin to the undergrad mailing list and same with the grad list.

If you’re new to PACS, don’t forget to like our Facebook page for the most current news and updates about PACS related news and events. You can also join our Facebook group (we have separate groups for undergrads and for grad students) and follow us on twitter- @PACSgrebel

If you are not on the mailing list and would like to be, or would like to be unsubscribed, email pacsasst@uwaterloo.ca and you will be unsubscribed.

Special announcements

These are some special and exciting opportunities that couldn’t wait to be put into the bi-weekly bulletin.

  • MSCU Peace Advancement Challenge- Deadline Jan 31st
  • MCC Student Seminar: “Inconvenient” Relationships? Indigenous rights, reconciliation, advocacy- Feb 13-15
  • ICPF Conference- Peace in Practice: What does it look like when our theories become action- Jan 31-Feb 2

MSCU Peace Advancement Challenge

MSCU Peace Challenge poster Grebel Color

Submission deadline Jan 31. Mennonite Savings and Credit Union (MSCU) and Conrad Grebel University College are co-sponsoring an award that aims to inspire UW students to explore creative peacemaking and to deepen their understanding of concept development and practical peacemaking.

Up to $5,000 will be divided between winning submissions. Any undergrad registered in a PACS plan, enrolled in a PACS course, or is a Grebel resident or associate is eligible to compete. Applicants are to submit a new ideal for practical peacemaking. The submissions will be judged and selected candidates will give a presentation of their idea.

For more detailed information about the requirements and how to submit your idea, visit https://uwaterloo.ca/peace-conflict-studies/current-students/mscu-peace-advancement-challenge.

grebel life button

MCC Student Seminar: “Inconvenient” Relationships? Indigenous rights, reconciliation, advocacy

OttawaOfficeStudentSeminarPostcard13@ Feb 13-15 @ Ottawa. Mennonite Central Committee’s (MCC) Ottawa Office is hosting a student seminar on Indigenous rights. These seminars expose students to the role of MCC’s political witness by exploring a range of advocacy issues while drawing on the knowledge and expertise of civil servants, NGO representatives, and Members of Parliament.

Deadline to register is January 13th. Total cost is approximately $205, with $50 for registration, $105 for 3 nights lodging, and $50 for dinners (lunch and breakfast provided). Transportation costs not included in this price. Travel bursaries may be available, and you are welcome to find alternate lodging.

If you are interested in joining a group of students from PACS/Grebel, email pacsasst@uwaterloo.ca. More information can be found on the MCC Website.

ICPF Conference: Peace in Practice

@ Eastern Mennonite University (EMU) in Virginia @ Jan 31- Feb 2. The Intercollegiate Peace Fellowship (ICPF) Conference  is being held this year at Eastern Mennonite University in Harrisonburg, Virginia on the theme of Peace in Practice: What does it look like when our theories become action?  The keynote speaker, Lisa Schirch of 3P Human Security, and additional workshop speakers will address how they have engaged in peacebuilding at all levels from local to international and how it can be integrated into various work such as art and community engagement. We anticipate the conference to be a fruitful time of exploring and learning together about what it looks like to build peace locally and globally.

Every year students from a Mennonite University in North America host the ICPF conference, a completely student run initiative. The aim of this conference is to unite undergrad students in the field of peace studies or who are interested in peace building for conversation and learning.

You can register online– cost is only $35 with lodging in an EMU residence provided. Travel bursaries may be available to offset cost. Email pacsasst@uwaterloo.ca if you’re interested in joining a group from PACS/Grebel- in the past students have rented a van to make the trek- who doesn’t like a 9 hour drive through some gorgeous countryside? (Take it from an American- the drive through Pennsylvania is STUNNING).


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