Bi-weekly Bulletin Oct 15

Greetings and Happy Thanksgiving! Another reminder from your favourite PACS assistant- don’t forget to join our facebook groups! We have separate groups for undergrads and for grad students. Take advantage of the groups to post events, news, and thoughts that are relevant to the PACS community. (And also like our facebook page for updates from PACS!)


  • Join PACS Student Society!


  • Library Information Session- Oct 16
  • Stop Line 9 Demonstration- Oct 19
  • Raise the Rates Campaign: Province Wide Week of Action- Oct 12-20
  • School of the Americas Watch-Nov 21-25, 2013

Volunteer Opportunities:

  • PJSA Conference Volunteers Needed
  • Study Participants Needed: Criminology Research Study
  • Researchers needed: Peace Through Sport


Join PACS Student Society

Want to get involved but not sure how? Join PACS society! There are still some open executive positions and we’d love to have you join us. Don’t worry if you haven’t been involved with PACS society events before- all you need is enthusiasm about facilitating community among PACS students. If you’re interested, contact Travis Kelly at


Library Information Session

@ Mon, Oct 16 @ 4-5 pm @ DC 1568. Open for free to first year Arts students, this information session will cover topics pertaining to using and making the  most out of the University of Waterloo’s library system. The information offered in this session will greatly benefit students entering their first round of University research projects and equip them to face the challenges they will face over the course of their university career. If you’re a first year, check it out, and if not, tell your first year friends!

Raise the Rates Campaign: Province-Wide Week of Action7

@ Oct 12-20th @ Kitchener. Poverty Makes us Sick is taking action in the KW region against low minimum wages from Oct 12-20th. There will be a series of events such as community meals, rallies, a march, Provincial Convergence in Sudbury and a Vigil to commemorate the death of Ashley Smith in Kitchener’s Grand Valley Institution for Women.

Plans are being made in communities across the province to hold local actions during the week of October 14th to challenge plans to merge Ontario Works and ODSP and to demand real action on poverty from the Wynne Government. We will be demanding the full restoration of the Community Start-Up and Maintenance Benefit (CSUMB), supporting the right of First Nations communities to control the delivery of social assistance programs and calling for a raise of the minimum wage in Ontario to $14 an hour and of social assistance rates by at least 55%. In place of the endless talk of this government about ‘poverty reduction,’ we will be taking action.

Click here for a Raise the Rates Campaign events schedule and more detailed information.

Stop Line 9 Demonstration

@Oct. 19th @ 10 am @ Toronto. On October 19, the last day of the National Energy Board hearings on Line 9, join us in Toronto for a mass demonstration to say “No Line 9! No Tar Sands Pipelines!” There will be a free bus leaving from KW at 10 am- sign up here-


The NEB process excluded many voices from communities that will be impacted by the pipeline, and throughout the entire project, Indigenous communities have not been properly consulted, in violation of numerous treaties. The NEB alone is charged with making the decision on Line 9; there isn’t even an environmental assessment of the project. To date, the NEB has approved over 99.9% of tar sands projects, and many are expecting them to rubber-stamp Enbridge’s proposal for Line 9. As the hearings draw to a close, join communities from across the province to converge in Toronto and together say no to Line 9!

School of the Americas Watch (SOA Watch)download

@Nov 21-25 @ Columbus, Georgia. Join thousands of people in this public witness to pressure the closure of the School of the Americas in Georgia. There is a bus leaving from KW on Thursday, Nov 21st and arrives back on Monday, Nov 25th. Cost is $200.

The SOA has trained over 65,000 Latin American soldiers who use their skills to wage war against their own people, using military solutions to combat problems in Latin America. This public witness is rooted in solidarity with the poor and the oppressed to raise awareness and to make a stand against the SOA.

By participating you will attend various workshops, film screenings, a Mass, an evening concert, and a massive rally, a vigil, and street theatre. If interested in attending or want more information, email or the SOA Watch Website.

Volunteer Opportunities

PJSA Conference Volunteers Needed


@Oct 17-19 @ Grebel and Laurier. The PJSA conference is coming up and we need volunteers! If you were interested in the conference but couldn’t afford it, just want to help out, or need some volunteer experience, consider volunteering with us! There is a minimum of a 6 hour volunteer commitment and we also ask that you attend 1 volunteer training session.
You get a free t-shirt
There are leadership positions (which would look good on a resume!).
You get access to main conference events (
Like our facebook page for volunteer information- or email Here is the link to the sign up page.

Study Participants Needed: Criminology Research Study

Dr. Owen Gallupe, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology and Legal Studies at the University of Waterloo, is conducting a study examining the effect of the sight rewards on task performance. Undergrad students are needed to participate in the one time, 30 minute experiment which has implications for incentive programs to promote good behaviour in prison settings.

All participants will receive a $15 gift card to local businesses in exchange for their participation. You must be 18 years or older to participate. If you want more information or would like to participate, email Allison Chenier at

Researchers needed: Peace Through Sport


The Waterloo Children’s Games Inc (WCG) wants to organize a local games event for children ages 12-15 years who will represent local ethnic groups at these games. To make this possible, WCG needs 2 to 3 students to conduct research during the 2013-2014 school year on the feasibility of having this event in the future, starting in 2015.

WCG is a not-for-profit, volunteer-led organization dedicated to promoting and hosting the International Children’s Games, and is a recognized organization of the International Olympic Committee. If you are interested, contact John Cooper, Director at or 519-886-6918.


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