Welcome Back!

Hello all and welcome back to another exciting term with Peace and Conflict Studies at Conrad Grebel University College! Check out this blog for our bi-weekly PACS bulletin of awesome PACS related events, opportunities, and news. You can also follow us on twitter at @PACSgrebel, or on facebook- we have an undergrad facebook group as well as a MPACS facebook group for grad students. It’s easy to stay connected and up to date!

As you are starting a new term, you will undoubtedly have questions or concerns. Here are a few key people that can help you out when you feel a bit lost, as well as get you connected to the PACS community.

Handy People to Know

Eric Lepp

Eric is the Undergraduate Academic and Administrative Officer & Field Studies/Internships Coordinator. If you are an undergrad student and have any questions about PACS classes or are interested in doing a field study, he’s your guy.

  • Office: Conrad Grebel, 2103B
  • email: eric.lepp@uwaterloo.ca
  • Phone: 519-885-0220 x 24269

Rebecca Steinmann

Rebecca is the Administrative Officer & Graduate Studies Coordinator. She can help you if you are a grad student or if you have questions about the graduate studies program.

  • Office: Conrad Grebel, 2118
  • Email: rebecca.steinmann@uwaterloo.ca
  • Phone: 519-885-0220 x 24216

Nathan Funk

As Lowell Ewert, the Director of the PACS program, is on sabbatical until January 2014, you can take any larger PACS program questions to Acting Director of PACS Dr. Funk. He is also an associate professor and is teaching PACS 201 this fall.

  • Office: Conrad Grebel, 2130A
  • Email: nfunk@uwaterloo.ca
  • Phone: 519-885-0220 x 24295

Claire Davies and Travis Kelly

claireSession8HikeThese two are your PACS Student Society Co-presidents. Claire is a PACS major and Travis is a PACS major with history minor. If you want to get involved in the PACS student society, have event ideas, or have general questions of what PACS society is all about, these are your folks.

  • Travis’ Email: travis_k9@hotmail.com
  • Claire’s Email: cemdavies@gmail.com
  • PACS Society Email: pacssoc@gmail.com

Emily Mininger

emily picThat’s me! I’m the PACS Communications Assistant and also a 4th year PACS major. My job is to inform you all of what is going on through social media, the PACS website, and the PACS bulletin. If you have any events or news items that you think other PACS students would like to know about, or have questions about events that I’ve posted, just let me know!

  • Office: Conrad Grebel, 2103
  • Email: pacsasst@uwaterloo.ca

A complete list of PACS faculty and staff can be found here: https://uwaterloo.ca/peace-conflict-studies/faculty-staff-0, so that you can easily find whoever you need. Have a great term!


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