25in5 Action for Poverty Reduction in Ontario

In 2009, the Poverty Reduction Act unanimously passed through the Ontario Legislature.  It requires government to develop and implement 5 year poverty reduction strategies in Ontario.  The first strategy, “Breaking the Cycle”, focused exclusively on Children and is nearing its end (2013 is the final year).  The target for the strategy was to reduce child poverty by 25% over 5 years.  Without targeted investment in this years budget the target will not be met.

25in525in5 Network for Poverty Reduction is calling on the government to make the right choice and invest in Ontario’s future by implementing a poverty reduction budget that will reduce poverty for children and adults as well.
Information on the specific requirements can be found in a letter written to all 3 party leaders outlining a plan for some initial steps in poverty reduction at http://25in5.ca/.

25in5 has also set up an e-action which calls on government to invest in poverty reduction and change some silly rules within the social assistance system and allow people to earn more money, keep more of their income and see some of the benefits which have eroded in recent years restored to adequate levels.

Take action and add your voice to the movement asking for poverty reduction in Ontario’s 2013 Budget.


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