Speakers, Seminars and Events


Jean BeckerThursday, February 7 @ 12:15pm @ CGC 1301 Jean Becker, senior advisor of Aboriginal initiatives at Wilfrid Laurier, will be speaking for the MPACS Thursday Talks series on the topic of “Idle No More: Grassroots to Global Movement.” The Idle No More movement began with four women in Saskatchewan. Encompassing environmental, indigenous and human rights in Canada, it has spread beyond Canada’s borders as indigenous and environmental groups across the globe have embraced the fundamental principles of the movement. We will look at the founding and growth of the movement since it began in the fall of 2012.

Thursday, February 7 @ 7pm @ MC 4042 Dylan Powell will be speaking about Marineland in Niagara Falls, ON and their mistreatment of their wildlife. This will include a pay-what-you-can bake sale as a fundraiser to fund his legal costs as Marineland is suing him for 1.5million as a result of his decision to speak out against their mismanagement. Read his article “Marineland can sue me, but not silence me” on Huffington Post.

Friday, February 8 @ 1pm @ HH 117 Dr. Lynne Taylor of the University of Waterloo’s history department will be telling the story of the thousands of children separated from their families after WWII and the reality of their lives in displaced person camps in her presentation, “In the Children’s Best Interest.”

Tuesday, February 12 @ 7pm @ ENV3 1408 Mark W. Roche, a professor of German and Philosophy at the University of Notre Dame will hold a lecture entitled “History and forms of beautiful ugliness

Thursday, February 28 @ 5pm @ ENG5 2004 Robert Anderson of the University of Toronto will be speaking on “Why we should care about the widening gap between the rich and the poor” for the Department of Sociology and Legal Studies’ 4th annual James E. Curtis Memorial Lecture.

Seminars and Workshops

The Fraser Institute is hosting a free student seminar in Toronto to discuss critical issues in business, economics and public policy with leading experts. It is taking place on Saturday, March 2 from 9am to 5pm at the Best Western Primrose Hotel. Topics include Idle No More, fiscal crisis in Ontario, the price of gas, the gap between the rich and poor in Canada and the benefits of eating local. For more details and registration, take a look at the event on the Fraser Institute event webpage.

WPIRGOn Thursday, February 21st, WPIRG is holding a Seeds of Resistance workshop on political writing from 5pm-8pm in MC 2017 with Toronto-based activist and writer Clare O’Connor. In this workshop, participants will be encouraged to think carefully about the writing process itself, effective methods for improvement, and approaches to (alternative) publishing. To register for this, or others of WPIRG’s workshops, contact tammy@wpirg.org.


Wednesday, February 6 @ 2:30-4pm @ the upper atrium in Grebel The PACS department is holding a Field Studies Open House to answer any questions students might have in doing a field studies course. If you have an interest in doing a field studies or just aren’t sure exactly what it is or what you have to do, come by and find out some more about it! Coffee, tea and snacks will be provided.

The University of Waterloo Drama Department presents on love this week in Studio Theatre 180 in Hagey Hall. on love is a moving piece about the complexities of race, gender, history, and heteronormativity told through a cast of eight who explore love’s capacity to be a “fine balance between hope and despair.”

Tickets are $17 for adults, $13 for Students and $10 for rush tickets at the door. Showings will take place Feb 6-9 at 8pm and Feb 8-9 at 2pm.


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