In the Last Weeks of Classes…

Russia, Cuba, France, South Korea, Singapore, the UK… Where have you always wanted to go?

Students have a number of unique opportunities available to them, one of which is the option to do a part of their schooling on exchange with another school. The Arts program at uWaterloo partners with over 80 international universities in more than 17 countries, opening the doors for students to take advantage of a huge variety of new experiences. If you’re looking for a way to diversify your education and expand your world, this may be your chance!

The Arts International Exchange Website is full of information to  get you started and help you on your way.

Foodgrains Bank’s 2013 Young Adult Study Tour of Nicaragua

This year the Foodgrains Bank is launching a tour to Nicaragua to learn more about hunger and poverty and how local people are working towards a better, more secure future. The trip is open to students ages 18-25 and will be taking place from April 29 to May 14, 2013. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis until February 15, 2012. More details can be found at the Canadian Foodgrains Bank website or take a look at the Nicaragua FST 2013 poster.

The Peace Society’s Annual Make-A-Difference-Market

Come join us for a day of food, music and holiday shopping! There will be international and local handicraft gifts for the holidays, and a portion of all profits will be donated to the Mennonite Coalition for Refugee Support to help support new comers to Canada. This is a unique opportunity to shop for the holidays while supporting artisans locally and making a difference globally. We hope to see you there!  Check us out at the Facebook Event Page.

Where: Conrad Grebel in the Great Hall (Room 1111)

When: December 1, 2012 from 10 am – 4pm


Religion and Politics  at St. Jerome’s University

This Friday, November 30th, St Jerome’s University will be hosting a talk by Greg Donaghy, the Head of the Historical Section of the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade in Ottawa. This talk, entitled “A Catholic Journey: Paul Martin Sr., Religion and Politics” will bring together the two things that are not supposed to be talked about at the dinner table. Donaghy will explore the life of Paul Martin Sr., who was one of Canada’s leading politicians in the decades following WWII, examining the philosophy of justice that came out of his faith and drove him to challenge the status quo in Depression Canada. The talk will take place at 7:30 pm in Siegfied Hall.

Call for Student Papers

The Notre Dame Student Peace Conference is an annual conference organized by students, for students. This year’s conference, scheduled for April 5-6, 2013, is on the topic “Fusion, Where Theory and Practice Meet.”

The 2013 conference explores the integration of theory and practice in peacebuilding. Peacebuilding involves both theory and practice; both are integral components of a larger picture. Sometimes approaches and theory learned in the classroom fall apart when applied in the field. Sometime successful practices used in the world inform research and lead to evolution in theory. Globalization has exposed the evolving nature of both peacebuilding theory and practice. To bring peace to a modern, ever-changing world, we must understand how theory and practice combine to inform our approach and increase our success.

The conference committee seeks undergraduate and graduate student papers, presentations, media displays, and workshops that explore the theories and practices of peacebuilding, especially submissions that address the intersection of theory and practice in the modern world.

For consideration, please submit a one-page abstract or description of the project and a separate one-paragraph biography with information about your academic interests and background. Please include a project title, the author/creator name, and the school in a header on all pages.

Email submissions to as a Word or PDF attachment with “Submission” as the subject line. Submissions are due by January 25, 2013.

This is the last full news bulletin for Fall 2012, as things are winding down and exams begin. But any new events that come up will continue to be posted here, on Facebook and on Twitter, so keep an eye out! And in the meantime, this is a good opportunity to wish all of you luck on you exams. And, of course:

Keep safe, study hard, and have a great break with friends and family!


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