Field Studies/Internships/Travel Opportunities

Project Ploughshares Internship

Project Ploughshares, an internationally recognized NGO that focuses on international peace and conflict issues, is looking for interns for the Winter 2013 semester. A Ploughshares internship is a unique opportunity to work on the front lines of contemporary peace and conflict research and providing students with the opportunity to work on developing the Armed Conflicts Report.

Students are expected to commit eight hours per week over the semester conducting research on current armed conflicts, as well as to gather data on related issues, such as child combatants and peacekeeping initiatives.  Excellent research and writing skills are a requirement of the internship.

Full details on the internship can be found here on the Project Ploughshares ACR Internship advertisement and you may feel free to contact Mary Lou Klassen at or 519-885-0220 ext. 24269.

Bishop University’s Spring Course in Brazil

Bishop University is offering a three week course in Brazil this May entitled “Social Movements and Social Change in Brazil” with a focus on the Landless Worker’s Movement (MST) which helps some of the most poor and marginalized people in the world to occupy under-used property, including that of wealthy landowners, in order to build cooperative farming communities. The course could be counted as a field studies credit for students who apply to the program under a Letter of Permission. For more details about the course, see the Spring Course in Brazil Information Sheet. If you have any questions on how to do a Letter of Permission course with another university, feel free to contact Nadine Hiemstra at

Reflections on Rwanda (ROR)

This is a two week trip offered in May by SHOUT Canada which will take 10 – 15 Canadian young people between the ages of 18 and 30 to the Republic of Rwanda to witness Rwandan history and learn about the factors behind the genocide. Participants will meet with government officials, NGOs, civil society groups, student groups, and local families while experiencing the beauty of the country endearingly known as the “country of a thousand hills.” For details on the trip, take a look at this Reflections On Rwanda Application 2013. Please note: this trip can NOT be used as a field studies credit, but would simply be a personal traveling and learning experience.


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