Call for Papers for Graduate Students and Faculty

MPACS Students!

The Institute for Economics and Peace and American University’s Kogod School of Business announce the inaugural conference on “Peace Metrics, Peace Economics, and the Role of Business,” co-hosted April 5-6, 2013 at American University in Washington, D.C.

This multi-disciplinary conference will focus on analyzing conceptual frameworks for measuring peace, understanding the generalized determinants of peace, describing the economic benefits of a more peaceful society, and identifying the relationship between business and peace.

Call for Submissions!

Submitted papers should present research that falls within the following three broad themes:

1) Measuring Peace, Assessing Risk

Developing a general theory of negative peace at societal and interpersonal level

Using the Global Peace Index (GPI) as an effective measure of negative peace and presenting empirical research linking the GPI to other cultural, economic and political factors

Examining and explaining correlations within the GPI, U.S. Peace Index, and the Positive Peace Index and understanding the causal mechanisms that determine peace

2) Economics of Peace and its Policy Implications

Investigating the link between investment and capacity in security and peacefulness

Identifying industries that thrive in peace and attaching a pecuniary value to improvements in peace

Exploring mechanisms for estimating the costs of various types of violence and estimating the lost productivity and opportunity costs from violence.

Further defining peace economics and applications to standard macroeconomic theory

Peace Industries/Markets: Parameters, Possibilities and their multiplier effect

3) Role of Business in Building Peace and Peace in Building Business

Describing the business response to risk

Investigating the role of peace and conflict in investment decisions

Defining why peace is important to corporations and integrating peace metrics into standard business analytical tools

Peace through commerce

Key Dates

  • Paper submission deadline: December 14, 2012
  • Presentation selections announced: February, 2013
  • Conference: April 5-6, 2013

To register, please visit:

INTE 2013
25-27 June 2013
Call for papers
International Conference on New Horizons aims to provide a multinational platform where the latest trends in education can be presented and discussed in a friendly environment with the aim to learn from each other. Prospective presenters are encouraged to submit proposals for papers and posters/demonstrations that offer new research or theoretical contributions. Presentations should be in Italian, Turkish, English, Czech, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian languages and should address both theoretical issues and new research findings. Furthermore if the presenter is unable to attend the oral presentation, the virtual presentations and video presentations are available. For further information on how to submit, please refer to the Paper Submission section on our website. For paper guidelines, please refer to the Paper Guidelines section. INTE 2013 conference is supported by Sakarya University and TASET and will take place on June 25-27, 2013 in Mercure West Rome Hotel, Rome, Italy.
Abstract Deadline : Until June 18, 2013
Full Article Deadline : Until June 19, 2013
Registration Fee Deadline : Until June 19, 2013
Call for Papers
Publisher: Canadian Research Council, Canada
Available in Printed and Electronic Versions
Canadian Research Council (CRC) is ardent to promote erudite, pragmatic, and contemporaneous research in the fields of Business, Economics, Accounting, Finance, Humanities, Social sciences, Innovative Technology and Scientific Management. Therefore, CRC has taken an initiative to setup eCanadian Journals and categorized the research field as per following:
  • ·         eCanadian Journal of Business and Economics. (ECJBE)
  • ·         eCanadian Journal of Accounting and Finance. (ECJAF)
  • ·         eCanadian Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences. (ECJHSS)
  • ·         eCanadian Journal of Technology and Scientific Management. (ECJTSM)
The foci of eCanadian Journals are to endorse and encourage the scholarly research among academicians, scientists, scholars, engineers, and students from around the world. These journals will select papers for publications throughout meticulous peer-review with a systematic assessment procedure for expeditious publications.
ECJ is pleased to Welcome and receive eminence-quality and refereed papers and articles in the following areas.
eCanadian Journal of Business and Economics
Submit Manuscript through:
  • ·         Business
  • ·         Commerce
  • ·         Management
  • ·         Marketing and other relevant Business subjects
  • ·         Macro Economics
  • ·         Micro Economics
  • ·         Econometric
  • ·         Monetary Economics
  • ·         Experimental Economics,
  • ·         Financial Economics
  • ·         Demographic Economics
  • ·         Public Economics and other relevant Business subjects
         eCanadian Journal of Accounting and Finance
Submit Manuscript through: 
  • ·         Financial Accounting
  • ·         Cost Accounting
  • ·         Forensic Accounting
  • ·         Managerial Accounting
  • ·         Governmental Accounting
  • ·         Triple Accounting
  • ·         Social and Resource Consumption accountings 
  • ·         Project Based Accounting and other relevant topics
  • ·         Financial markets
  • ·         Financial instruments
  • ·         Corporate Finance
  • ·         Public Finance
  • ·         Personal Finance
  • ·         Financial Risk management
  • ·         Financial Economics
  • ·         Behavioral Finance
  • ·         Intangible Assets Finance
  • ·         Risk Management
  • ·         Business Finance
  • ·         Corporate Governance and other relevant topics
eCanadian Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences
 Submit Manuscript through:
  • ·         Classics
  • ·         History
  • ·         Religion
  • ·         Languages
  • ·         Law
  • ·         Literature
  • ·         Performing Arts
  • ·         Philosophy
  • ·         Visual Art
  • ·         Legitimation of the Humanities and other relevant topics
  • ·         Anthropology
  • ·         Education
  • ·         Geography
  • ·         History
  • ·         Linguistics
  • ·         Sociology
  • ·         Psychology
  • ·         Political Sciences  
eCanadian Journal of Technology and Scientific Management
Submit Manuscript through:
  • ·         Physics
  • ·         Chemistry
  • ·         Biology
  • ·         Life Sciences
  • ·         Animal Sciences
  • ·         Mathematics
  • ·         Engineering
  • ·         Technology and Philosophy
  • ·         History and Future of Technology
  • ·         Taylorism
  • ·         Theoretical and Applied Computer sciences
  • ·         Artificial Intelligence
  • ·         Computer architecture and engineering
  • ·         Computer visualization and cryptography
  • ·         Computational and Information sciences
  • ·         Software engineering and other relevant topics
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